B2BProfessional Extension

Posted: October 26, 2014 in Extensions
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The Sitewards B2B Extension extends your webshop with some essential functions to realize a business-to-business store. Product prices and add-to-cart functions are only available for registered customer accounts that were approved by the site administrator. All other product details remain visible for non-registered users.

Features of the B2BProfessional Extension

  • Customers can register, but have to be approved to see product prices and to order products
  • Prices of all product types and options are only visible for approved customers
  • Consequently, the Shopping Cart and Checkout are only available for approved customers
  • Multi-store: The extension can be activated for each store/view separately
  • Create both, B2B and B2C stores in one Magento installation
  • Optional info message (e.g. ”Please login to see price ”) in place of price
  • Multilanguage support (German and English installed, extendible to other languages)
  • Activation for specific product categories
  • Activation for specific customer groups
  • Optional require login to access store


You can download it for free from magento connect


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