The best eCommerce platform at the moment must be Magento!

Magento offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions designed to help you grow and succeed online.


Want to add additional feature to your Magento store?

There is a huge number of extension for magento (free and commercial). Most of them are available through Magento Connect.


Ready made theme are a must! They are packed with additional functionality that will have great value for your shop. You can check my personal favorites at Theme Forest


Magento is know for being a litter heavy, specially if you have a huge number of products. So, choosing a hosting service can be pretty important.

Dedicated hosting is definately recommended but you can also find some sharing solutions that can fit your needs.

You can always start by using a shared host. If you find it to be too slow for you can always upgrade to a VPS (dedicated).

Some hosting company provided specific tailored hosting solution for magento. One of the best is certainly Nexcess.

Check them out for both shared and dedicated solutions.

They are rated at the top when it comes to magento and have data center in US, UK and Australia.

  1. Hello, You were recommended to me by MageStore. I need a plain magento website so I can run one magento product, the magestore auction. I would expect that our website could be built on the comm

    Can you do this, what is the timing and the approximate cost?


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